Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pyppet2 - Audio Analysis

Prototype for real-time musical performance at live events, concerts. TODO: OSC integration to support pro music hardware, sample mixer integrated with physics system (collisions trigger sounds), particles, multiple full screen windows and camera switching driver input.

Blenderartists thread

pyppet 1.9.3b source code


linux install guide
feature requests approved:

  • "assign multiple movement and rotation controls to one OSC input"

  • "adjust scale, and attack/release function" (callbacks)


  1. Wow ! I am Blown away ! Using this with the Syphon server in Quartz composer would allow a user to put the Blender game engine video output into Resolume avenue (Live Vj Software) never mind then sending it to madmapper (3d mapping software).
    The spectral analyser is great, i'd still love to be able to assign multiple movement and rotation controls to one OSC input. The two most important things as a musician would be a scale command to make the reaction heavier or more gentle plus a attack and release function. Release being the most important.
    Amazing work man, keep it up, i will be following this like a hawk ! Downloaded the source code, just hope i can get it running as i've used Blender for only 6 months now :)

  2. A short guide on how to compile and get it running would be a great way for newbies to try this out and give feedback :)

  3. This looks great but the guide isn't very helpful (to me). Please, can you post full apt-get command line or actual deb package names?