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If your reading this, your probably using Python on the backend, and are now thinking about using Python on the frontend instead of Javascript, if so keep reading. I help individuals and businesses migrate from legacy Javascript to modern Python. Simplify your development, future proof your architecture, email me:

Remote Services

  • getting started with rusthon|pythonjs - 2 days $1200
  • advanced rusthon|pythonjs - 3 days $1800
  • javascript and python basics - 2 days $1500
  • rusthon|pythonjs long term support - contact me
  • website prototypes - contact me
  • music video websites - contact me

Onsite Services

Having internal problems with your programmers and coding team? I can quickly come in and fix the bad apples in your coding team. Arrogant and hard to work with programmers are everywhere, in lead and critical positions they often cause business to fail.

  • CTO bare knuckle fist fight - 1 day $1800
  • Lead Programmer attitude adjustment - 1 day $1000
  • Regular Programmer attitude adjustment - 1 day $500

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  1. I will need a Lead Programmer attitude adjustment - 1 day $1000. :D
    Pretty soon.