Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PythonJS 0.8.6 Released

Above, PythonJS is used to create a dynamic water physics demo that integrates: Three.js, Skunami.js, p2.js, and Pixi.js. The yellow 'blob' is created by an array of p2.js springs and particles that are rendered as metaballs using MarchingCubes in Three.js.

You can get the new PythonJS 0.8.6 release here. The new release includes many bug fixes and better inter-operation with external JavaScript libraries. Bindings and wrappers are no longer required to work with external JavaScript libraries, types passed to JavaScript functions will be recursively transformed into JavaScript types. Calling Python functions from JavaScript has also been improved. New experimental backends are also included that translate Python into: CoffeeScript, Dart, and Lua.

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  1. The YouTube videos look good but I don't see a link to a demo page or a way to use the source after cloning.