Monday, September 7, 2015


Things have changed alot since I have been out of The United States of Methmerica, being gone for several years, i see so much has changed. Now there are many zombie-like-creatures roaming the streets at night, looking for fights, and "Kris" (Methamphetamine). Since being back in California for almost a year, I have traveled to: Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, Elk Grove, and Eureka. Kris and heroin now dominate these places. It has become normal to see orange syringe caps along with other garbage in the streets. In places like Eureka, the once peaceful redwood forests, have now become a killing zone, filled with garbage, human waste, and dangerous people. In Oakland I have seen people living in actual dog houses. In Sacramento I have been in hand-to-hand combat with human-zombies and their unleashed pitbulls.

Two Birds with One Meth-Rock

The forests of California are burning, raging with wildfires more and more each year. I have seen methmericans in the forests chopping wood to take back to their camps, and guess what, they chop really fast and seem to really enjoy it. What should California do? Employ all the drug addicts within the Forestry/Ranger department, give them drugs, and send them (escorted by forest rangers) into the forest to clean out all the fallen branches and other debris that trigger these massive forest fires. To get off meth they need to be productive, and do something actually useful. Methmericans, we need you!