Monday, November 25, 2013

Richards - PythonJS vs PyPy

The Richards benchmark is listed on as being very fast compared to CPython. PythonJS with full optimizations beats PyPy-2.2 in the Richards benchmark. PythonJS fully optimized scores 13.9ms per-iteration, and finishes the test in 0.131 seconds. PyPy-2.2 scores 38.3ms per-iteration, and finishes the test in 0.38 seconds. (lower times are better).

Brython and Empythoned

Brython is once again very slow, taking 36,613ms per-iteration, and completing the test in 366 seconds. Empythoned and PythonJS (default mode) have about the same performance: Empythoned (4,590ms) and PythonJS (3,390ms). Python2.7 scores 197ms per-iteration.

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