Monday, November 11, 2013

NodeJS and PythonJS

NodeJS simplifies the process of writing fast asynchronous server software, using Google's V8 engine and C optimized libev eventloop. It is designed by Ryan Dahl from the ground up for async programming using callbacks. It is under going rapid development and is taking the lead in terms of simplifying the process for writting high performance, JIT accelerated servers. By using JavaScript on both the server and client side, you can more easily shift code from one platform to the other as needed. By comparison, Python is advancing slowly, adoption of Python3 has been very slow, and the CPython interpreter remains slow without JIT technology.

Whatever the future may hold for the Python interpreter, we can continue to use the language by translating scripts to run in other interpreters like NodeJS. PythonJS 0.8.4 can now translate code that is compatible with NodeJS, and includes some basic wrappers that help emulate some of Python's standard libraries like: os, sys, and io. Download PythonJS 0.8.4 here.

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