Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Amirouche and I have decided to rename the PythonScript project to PythonJS. I have switched to working in the main develop branch on github, so use that instead of pulling from my old fork.

PythonJS has many advantages over current Python-to-JavaScript translators. 1. Speed: using static type analysis the compiler can optimize the code so that it runs faster, this early test shows our compiler can output JavaScript that runs many times faster than CPython, and twice as fast as PyPy. 2. Simplicity: PythonJS is one of the only Python-to-JavaScript translators written entirely in Python, the code base is much smaller than the others, and is easy to understand and extend. 3. Support for directly calling external JavaScript functions, by generating wrapper code at runtime. 4. Easily write wrappers to external JavaScript libraries for performance critical applications.

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