Friday, October 25, 2013

Google Blockly Underestimated

Above is my test showing the PythonJS custom block generator integrated with Google Blockly and THREE.js. Get the source code here.

Truffle Blocks, by David Griffiths integrates Google Blockly and the GerminationX html5 game engine. In Truffle Blocks, Google Blockly has a hard time when scaling up to deal with complex logic, because it requires too much screen space. The solution is to write custom Blocks that are higher level and domain specific to your application. But writing these custom Blocks in JavaScript is not so simple, there is a large gap between the ease of using Blockly's block-programming, and the complexity of its internal API and JavaScript itself. The PythonJS wrapper for Blockly helps bridge this gap, by providing a way to almost automatically generate custom Blocks from PythonJS functions using decorators and a simple API. You can take a look at my wrapper here.


  1. HI the links to the github repository is not working.
    please fix it.

  2. Is This Still Alive? I Liked The Video, Where To Get It? Thanks

  3. This Might Be It.