Sunday, January 13, 2013

Automatic Object Orientation

C programs are often written in an "object oriented style" where functions take a pointer to a typedef'ed struct as the first argument. Using this huristic and modifying PyCParser's AST in place, we can reconstruct a Cython class that has proper methods. This provides an automated way to convert a C API into clean object oriented API.

Example C API

// basic typedef struct 
typedef struct A {
 int x;
 float y;
} A;

void set_x( A *a, int x ) {
 a->x = x;

int get_x( A *a ) {
 return a->x;

Automatic Object Orientation

cdef class A:
  cdef public int x
  cdef public float y

  def __init__(self, int x,float y):
    self.x = x
    self.y = y

  cpdef void set_x(self, int x):
    self.x = x

  cpdef int get_x(self):
    return self.x

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  1. Dear Harts,
    Could you please explain the usage of your code ?
    Suppose I have a *.c and a *.h files, how can I generate cython code ?