Monday, December 5, 2011


Changes from Pyppet1 to Pyppet2:

  • ported from Blender2.49 to Blender2.6

  • WMD replaced with R.Pavlik's enhanced Wiiuse

  • Pygame replaced with ctypes-SDL

  • PyGTK2 replaced with ctypes-GTK3

  • PyODE replaced with ctypes-ODE

New in Pyppet2:

  • Kinect streaming using libfreenect

  • Web-camera streaming using OpenCV

  • Drag'n'Drop device config

  • Multi-threaded

ODE Joint Physics

1 comment:

  1. Pyppet looks cool - it might be worth having a summary of what it is in the sidebar of this site, I seem to come across it about every 6 months + it's not immediately obvious..
    (Something to do with digital puppetry and blender).
    (Especially for people not familiar with digital puppetry).

    Same for the summary page of google code.

    - Just a short summary of the kind of things. Also mention the bindings again as they deserve more google juice.

    I wonder if it's worth putting the bindings on cheeseshop (pypi) too ?