Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrapping The Android NDK

The latest RPythonic, here, can generate rffi bindings for almost the entire Android NDK. Using these bindings compiled RPython can call C functions, like OpenGLES display functions. The script is updated to call ant and automatically build the .apk file for you in debug mode (unsigned). Some issues remain like native-app-glue integration, and parsing errors from pycparser that prevent some of the NDK from being wrapped. The following are wrapped:

. android/api_level
. android/bitmap
. android/input
. android/keycodes
. android/looper
. android/native_activity
. android/native_window
. android/native_window_jni
. android/obb
. android/rect
. android/storage_manager
. EGL/egl
. EGL/eglplatform
. GLES/gl
. GLES/glplatform
. GLES2/gl2
. GLES2/gl2platform
. SLES/OpenSLES_AndroidConfiguration
. SLES/OpenSLES_Platform

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